Extended Fixed Wing Microlight Flying in Lancashire

A really nice Driving Experiences Experience within easy reach of Fleetwood, Lancashire.

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There’s nothing quite like flying in a nimble, agile microlight, and the fixed-wing Thruster T600N is a fantastic craft to fly or be flown in. Begin with a pre-flight briefing from experienced and friendly staff before getting comfortable in the closed two-seater cockpit, side by side with a seasoned pilot. Then it’s time for hearts to start racing as the pilot takes the microlight high up in the sky, affording the passenger fabulous views over the rolling countryside of Lancashire. Responsive, quick and smooth, this plane is a joy to fly – and passengers will even get the chance, as the pilot will hand over the controls for a short while and let them take control.


Seven days a week throughout the year, excluding the Christmas and New Year period.


It is ESSENTIAL to call before 9am on the morning of the experience (before setting off) to confirm go ahead (weather cancellations can be re-booked for another date or time).

How long does the experience last?

Please expect to be at the venue for at least an hour and a half, including a 60 minute flight.

How many other people?

The briefing may be shared, but the flight itself is held on a one-to-one basis with a qualified microlight flying instructor.

Can I take people to watch?

Spectators are welcome to come along and watch take-off and landing. A camera or a pair of binoculars will come in handy and there are on-site facilities to buy refreshments.

What do I wear?

Wrap up warm with sensible shoes (no heels) and gloves. Sunglasses are recommended all year round.

Are there any restrictions?

Max fully clothed weight is 14 stone. Minimum age is 16 and under 18’s must be accompanied by a guardian (required to sign a disclaimer). Reasonable fitness required and women in the first or the last three months of pregnancy can’t fly.

Anything Else?

Flying time can count towards a microlight Private Pilot’s Licence, for which 15 hours of dual control and 10 hours solo flying is needed to qualify. Please be aware that this is quite a high adrenaline experience, not for the faint hearted.

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