Golf Masterclass with a PGA Pro and Lunch for Two at Marriott Tudor Park

A really nice Scuba Diving & Coasteering Experience near Maidstone, Kent.

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Get to grips with all aspects of the game with expert coaching from a PGA pro. Perfect for those wishing to brush up on their skills, the lesson covers set up, swing technique, bunker play chipping and putting. A PGA pro provides comprehensive coaching and offers a performance analysis with the aid of either video or Explanar – a specially designed golf swing training system. In the afternoon, put these newfound golfing skills into practise on the 70 Par championship golf course with the PGA pro around for the first part of the afternoon to offer further tips and encouragement. For three months following the experience, enjoy access to an email based golf helpline (maximum six emails).


One Saturday per month from March to September.


The weather shouldn’t affect this experience, but in the rare case of cancellation, Marriott will call you the evening before to advise.

How long does the experience last?

Lasts approximately nine and a half hours, starting with a 9am briefing. Tuition time is divided into two sessions, morning and afternoon, with a break for lunch in between. Be aware the golf pro will not be present for the latter part of the afternoon.

How many other people?

There will be six to eight people taking part.

Can I take people to watch?

Guests are welcome at all of the country clubs and can use the bar and restaurant facilities while they’re waiting.

What do I wear?

Dress for golf (no trainers, jeans or tracksuits please). If you have your own clubs please bring them; if not clubs can be provided. Golf shoes MUST be worn and are also available.

Are there any restrictions?

Anybody with a golfing handicap is welcome (NOT suitable for total novices).

Anything Else?

Refreshments are not included and an allocation of £10 is included for lunch (guests can choose to pay extra for a more expensive meal).

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