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All the G-force, adrenaline and squint-eyed terror of competition-speed driving, without the worry of taking the wheel yourself. Enjoy being chauffeured for a number of laps at breathless speed by a qualified motor racing instructor around a real racing circuit. Ride in either a stunning race-prepared Lotus Elise, Abarth 500, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Vauxhall VXR, Nissan 370Z or Caterham 7. Whichever it is on the day, get the ride of your life with real racing lines, cornering and acceleration in top-class race-prepared cars.


Availability varies by venue, but is generally a mix of weekdays and weekends. Dates fill very quickly, allow several weeks advance booking notice.There is a £10 upgrade fee for Lydden Hill, payable on booking


Driving may be cancelled or curtailed in extreme weather conditions which would make driving at speed dangerous. Please call the venue if in any doubt.

How long does the experience last?

The ride lasts for a few minutes. All venues request arrival well in advance of the booked time to ensure a prompt start.

How many other people?

Share the car with just the driver. There might be other vehicles on the track at the same time.

Can I take people to watch?

Spectators are welcome, get them to bring a camera. Spectator facilities vary from circuit to circuit but are generally very good. Dogs aren’t allowed at any circuits.

What do I wear?

Wear trousers, a long-sleeved top and trainers or flat-soled shoes. A helmet is provided.

Are there any restrictions?

Restrictions (on age, height and weight) vary between locations so please check all details before booking. Some centres require under 18’s be accompanied by an adult and over 50’s produce a doctor’s certificate.

Anything Else?

Please note you won’t drive the car yourself at any time.

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