Monster Machines and Stunt Driving

Take a look at this Experience near Perranporth, Cornwall.

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Slip the leash of ordinariness with a ground-churning driving extravaganza. Discover the secrets of stunt driving with mad, bad tricks such as high-speed parallel parking, handbrake turns and two-wheeling. Next, climb into the 12-ton Thundertrax, the mighty tank once used by the armed forces as an FV 432 armoured personnel carrier. Lovingly refurbished and fitted with a V8 Perkins diesel engine capable of 60 miles an hour, it’s a true thrill to pilot. Take it over a line of scrap cars to prove its raw, destructive power. For the grand finale, take the wheel of a monster truck – either the Bandit or the Slaine – and forge a conquering course over the scrap cars. Throughout, highly-trained staff are on hand to instruct and advise. Don’t hold back!


Selected weekends between July – October.


The session may be cancelled in extreme weather conditions, although this is unlikely as these vehicles can work in all weathers.

How long does the experience last?

Please allow for approximately three hours at the venue. This includes around 10 minutes for each of the five activities, with a rough total of 50 minutes’ individual driving time.

How many other people?

Briefings will be shared but all driving is on a one-to-one basis.

Can I take people to watch?

There are spectator viewing areas so friends and family are welcome to come along. Refreshments are available. Other driving experiences are available to purchase on the day.

What do I wear?

Dress warmly and comfortably in trousers and a long-sleeved top. Wear flat-soled shoes, flip flops are not permitted. A helmet is provided.

Are there any restrictions?

The minimum age is 17. Maximum height is 6′ 6”. Maximum weight is 20 stone. A driving licence is required which must be brought along on the day. Please note that this is not suitable for those who are pregnant or have heart or back conditions.

Anything Else?

Please note that at no time will the monster trucks or tank be airborne, and the cars you drive over will have been previously crushed.

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