Tandem Bungee Jumping

A lovely Experience near Manchester, Greater Manchester.

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Experience the intense thrill of this adrenaline-pumping tandem bungee jumping experience in Manchester. After a safety briefing and weighing, get secured together by a specialised bungee harness and enter the crane lift in preparation. After rising to a nail-biting 160 feet, step out onto the platform face to face and after a few words of advice, take a gallant leap into the air! Video footage of the experience can be purchased on the day for around £15 to take home as a special memento.


Approximately once every two months.


High winds or heavy rain might prevent your jump going ahead. If in doubt, call the venue to check before you leave.

How long does the experience last?

After registering, a bungee time slot is allocated and the jump usually takes place within an hour. Safety checks, briefing and harnessing take around three minutes and the jump itself lasts just a few heart stopping seconds.

How many other people?

Up to 100 others will also jump on the day.

Can I take people to watch?

Spectators are welcome – get them to bring along a camera or video.

What do I wear?

Wear long trousers rather than a skirt (you’ll be upside down!). Glasses and hard contact lenses must be removed prior to jumping.

Are there any restrictions?

Min age 14. Under 16’s need a parent/guardian’s signature. Max weight is 120kg (18.9st), waist size between 40cm – 125cm. Over 50’s must produce a doc’s certificate. MUST be in good health and inform of any medical conditions beforehand.

Anything Else?

Conditions that will prevent you from jumping include high blood pressure, heart condition, dizziness/epilepsy, pregnancy, asthma, neurological condition and diabetes.

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